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" Working with Victoria has opened my eyes to new insights about how I operate, how I react to struggle, and what makes me thrive. I am now able to better maintain peace and balance amidst a busy lifestyle as a wife, mother, and professional. Victoria has helped me uncover my strength so that I can see what it takes to reach my goals. Most importantly, I have regained my sense of confidence, forward momentum, and peace of mind. Going in, I just thought I wanted a strategy to decluttter my home, what I came away with was so much more enriching."

Clara - Chattanooga, TN


Working from Home


Life Coaching is one of the keys to a happier, healthier life.

Coaching is more convenient than ever by utilizing technology that exists right in the palm of your hand.

I coach you right in the comfort of your desired location.  Zoom Video Conferencing is an online virtual meeting space accessible via desktop computer, android, or iPhone app. You'll love the ease of use and convenience of meeting online.  

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Regular sessions last 60 minutes.

Weekly or Biweekly sessions are recommended to maintain consistency and momentum toward your anticipated goal. (See coaching packages below)

Weekly text or email support.

G.R.O.W - S.M.A.R.T - In each session, we will identify your weekly agenda, determine your starting point, unpack your agenda and shape it into a specific goal by making it measurable, attainable, relevant. We'll set time specific action steps by examining the possibilities that will help you create solutions.  Then together we'll come up with a customized path for you to achieve your objectives.



A Step in the Right Direction:

This package includes one 90 minute session aimed at mapping your big picture goals, aligning strategic action steps and putting you on the path to transformation. This is a great introduction to coaching for first timers. 

Multi-Session Packages come with weekly limited text and email access.

Four - Sixty Minute Sessions *

Eight- Sixty Minute Sessions*

Twelve- Sixty Minute Sessions*

*For every four standard sessions that you purchase in advance, you receive 1 free coaching session.