We've all felt the sense of "rightness" that comes with walking our authentic path, but it is easy to be pulled off course by the ebb and flow of everyday life. When we drift off course, we begin to feel uneasy and unfulfilled. Sometimes our attempts to find the path result in new trails that lead to false hope, false happiness...false "north."

I came to coaching because I walked those false paths, and I felt that deep unease that comes with striking out in the wrong direction. As a young woman, I lost my true north in a marriage that appeared healthy on the outside but was not built to last. I found that this one unhealthy relationship seeped into the other facets of my life and poisoned my happiness. I was far from my true path.

I was able to heal with the help of my friends, family, and most importantly, my faith. I found a life coach to help. She provided me with the tools that I needed to build my own authentic and lasting happiness. She showed me how to turn my obstacles into affirmations, and this resulted in a completely new outlook on life.

I want to help you feel the equilibrium of your true north. I feel called to pay forward the lessons that my life has taught me so that you can stay on your path.I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you!


My journey toward coaching began at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At ORU, I began to develop my voice and coaching style by earning a degree in Mass Communication. I knew at this early stage that I was drawn to stewardship, so I became a project coordinator at BigStuf, a Christian non-profit organization in Alpharetta, Georgia. At BigStuf, I worked hard to coordinate faith-based events and camps for large groups of adolescents from all over the country.
Always drawn to new ways to help people, I earned a paralegal certificate from Emory University and began working in law; first in Alpharetta, Georgia and then in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My mission was to bring kindness and understanding to a profession that can sometimes be harsh. People are often in a very dark place when they come to see a lawyer. I felt that it was my job to help them see the path that led to the resolution of their problems.
I decided to use my unique life-experiences and education to help people as a Christian Life Coach and Growth Coach. I have earned double certifications as a Christian Life Coach and Growth Coach through the Christian Coaching School and Lifeforming Leadership Coaching - a program developed through Regent University, and have attended Ashland Theological Seminary’s annual Formational Prayer Seminar.
I am professionally trained to guide you through the shoals of life while keeping you inspired as you move toward your goals. For me, coaching comes naturally, for much of my adult life, individuals have gravitated to me with their issues - whether to seek an outside perspective or just to have a listening ear. Over the years, I have been able to be a positive voice amidst chaotic situations as well as a resource for solutions. Helping people gain clarity and create a greater capacity for a goal-focused life is my passion.
I live in the Montgomery, Alabama area with my husband and two dachshunds.

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